Nyírbátor English version

Nyirbátor is a small city situated in the north-east of Hungary. The population of the city is 14 000 residents.
800-year-old city had name from forefathers of Polish king. About 400 years it was the main seat of Bathory’s family.
The city has got many amazing monuments. The most famous of them is Gothic Reformed Church, which was built by Istvan Bathory like a place, where his family had been intering.

A big attraction are Music Days, which are organising each year in August. It is a huge, international show, performing classical music. In 1976 the Music School came into existence. For this time it has been organising summer trainings and music camps. Nyirbator was written in the list of  festival’s cities. In the city exist many world-famous music groups. International Festival of Street’s Theatres and International Blues Festival enjoy great popularity.What is more artistry has been developing in Nyirbator.

For 30 years there is “Constructive House” and Studio, which are open for artists and dabblers. Furthermore Cameral Theatre, called “Talán Teatrum” was opened 10 years ago.
Watering-place with thermal water arouse interest more and more people caring about their health. The sport life is concentrated on handball and table tennis. The city has got its own tennis world champion, Gábora Gergely.

  • autor: Katarzyna Pachnicka, data: 2009-08-28