Boskovice English version


Boskovice is situated to the north of Brno, the second biggest city in Czech Republic. Natural centre of this area is the city Boskovice.

Historians date beginning of the city back to thirteen century. The first written note about it came from 1222, in which was told about Jimram from Boskovice. This time have already existed not only the castle but also colony with market.
In 1484 Boskovice had 12 people who were changing each month on mayor position.  The mayor was presiding over a lawsuits and administrative meetings. He was confirming his decision by special stamp with crest ( the first picture of the crest dated back 1548)
The biggest part of inhabitants were craftsmen. Among other things they were brewing and selling beer.
The city was developing and changing gradually. At last it got urban rights in the middle of eighteen century.
In the end of fifteen century  Jewish settlement was set up here. In 1848 it was changed to political independent city and in 1919 connected with Christian  Boskovice.
In 2003 in Boskovice was built department, which has been administrating 73 cities.
Nowadays Boskovice has a population of 11500 people. There are four connected provinces: Bačov, Mladkov, Vratikov, Hrádkov.

Boskovice tries to give inhabitants good cultural entertainment. The city organises it near the castle and in Catholic House, where is “Panorama” cinema and board-room.
Another attractions are: Otakara Kubina Gallery, Boskovice Museum, astronomical observatory and a large library with thousand of fantastic books and magazines.
If you want to know about present events in Boskovice, you can find more information on the websites: or .

Inhabitants have opportunity to play many sports in famous Červená zahrada. They can swimming, ice-skating, play football, hockey, tennis, volleyball. If they want, they can go to the body building gym, which is located in Růžové nàměsti or in Modrá věž.

In Boskovice there is a amusement park which is resemble to Wild West. It is open four months a year (from May to August). You can watch unusual performances or show with trained horses. There are also many saloons, shops and attractions for children. Entrance to the “western town” is free. You only have to buy tickets for performances if you want to see them.

Modrá věž (“Blue Tower”) was opened in 2003. It is located between bus station and railway station. It is considered to be the cultural and sport centre.

  • autor: Katarzyna Pachnicka, data: 2009-08-28